Friday, March 27, 2009

spreading the joy

Ian had something to share with Maxie. He could hardly contain himself. He'd wanted to run to his place first thing and share the news about Sasha, but tried to act cool about it instead. Of course, that had wore off now as he was tending things at the bar.

"So look at you two? Here at the Black Cat, alone." Ian just smiled.

"We're together," Simon informed him.

"I had no idea," Ian just laughed making a joke of it.

"That's not what he means," Maxie gave him a look that he was taken. As if he might as well be a married man.

"Where is Katy?" Ian asked.

"She's entertaining Orval." Maxie told him.

"You let her entertain men?" Ian squinted.

"Yeah, as long as their old farts and have an eye for the artwork in the place. Hopefully, she won't have to listen to his lectures too long about how wonderful the village once was." Maxie sighed.

"I-I have something to tell you." Ian nodded, but he looked around to see if Sasha might be around. She wasn't. "If I tell you a secret, you have to promise to keep it." He looked at Simon too. This had to be kept mum.

"Well, spill mate, what could it be?"

"I'm gonna be a Dad!" He kept his voice low, but he smiled all over. He couldn't help it.

"What!" Maxie smiled. "That's amazing!" Maxie reached over the counter and gave him a hug.

Naturally, some old timer came by and said. "Hey there, you Puff, keep your hands off the help!"

Simon didn't pay the old drunk any mind. He gave Ian a hearty handshake.

Ian looked at the both of them. It felt good to tell someone. It felt great to be happy about something so important to him.


Cait said...

Yeah, an Ian update. I think he'll make a great Dad.

dylan said...

I like the concept of this..a boarding house..and of course, the pub.

Lonnie said...

that was sweet.

taffy. said...

Ian will be a lovely papa.