Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so real

This was unexpected. Cecil saw Franny at the shops. She was with Nico in his stroller and she was looking in the grocery section.

He didn't know how to act. Did he go over and say 'good day' or play this cool and act like he didn't notice her there, but hope that she noticed him. It was freaking him out.

Oh, she wouldn't care. She didn't. She probably had a 1000 lonely boyfriends just waiting for her to call. And she just played it so nonchalant. She had her own business to take care. She did have a baby.

OK, he'd shake it out. You'd think he was about to run a marathon, but he just couldn't stop staring. Caring for that matter. Oh, he did. Didn't want to. Just something sweet and still innocent about her. Did he dare want to ruin that? No, no he didn't. He wanted her. Yes. it was true. It hit him right in the heart even. He felt this pang that just ached to be near her. And he had to act that he didn't want it. Not at all. It would be pathetic. Clearly.

And then she saw him and gave him the biggest smile. He almost turned and ran. Cecil would have, but there were people around. He just stood there as she came walking up with that stroller.

"Nico, right." God, why did he say that? Why? What was he supposed to say?
"You remembered."

He just nodded like a trained puppy.

"So do you cook," she asked so innocently.

"A little." He had a can of baked beans in his hand. He didn't want to say he was having beans and franks on a cold lonely night. No way was he going to his sister's wedding.

"I wish you'd let me cook for you, sometime," she was flirting. Wasn't that it? "You see, I don't have a kitchen of my own. I don't feel so comfortable, yet, to ask Maxie if he'd let me, you know."
"I'd like that." He tried not to smile too much. It might be a turn off. Although, she was definitely a turn on.

"Good," Her smile was so open. So real. Maybe surreal. Maybe she did like him.


ellie said...

that Franny can move through the market...and then some.

Cait said...

Luv at the grocery store. And she can get to his heart through his stomach.