Friday, March 6, 2009

should I go now

Ian wasn't so sure if he should stay around Cecil or not. He was in a mood, all upset about Kelsey and then this lass that he gave no name too.

Lord, Ian hoped Cecil didn't get wind of him and Sasha together. Maybe it was good thing no one knew. It did have its advantages. Perhaps Cecil hated Sasha now, and he'd hate him too if he knew what he'd been up to with her.

Of course, it was straight out love to Ian. Really, she was the one. Even so, there was a lot sex involved. Not that he was complaining. But sometimes, he wasn't so sure if it was love to Sasha. He hoped. Had he been wrong all this while?

Honest though, he didn't like seeing Cecil with so much bitterness. How in the world could he make it better? Should he go and find someone to make it better? He'd probably have to pay someone. That really wasn't the sort of thing he wanted for his mate. He'd hoped Cecil would have gotten over this rough patch already, but since Sasha had left felt like a journey of misery.

"I will get the band back together, without Kelsy. And we will be just as good or better than before." Seriously, he hated the way Kelsy ran things. So hap-hazard. Never telling anyone what would be happening until the very last minute.

"But it was a good tactic she had, letting the fans find you. She had an eye for that sort of thing," Cecil sighed.

"Perhaps." But he'd never felt so raw and unsettled in all his life. "I want us to be exceptional, you know. Bloody brilliant."

"Yeah, just brilliant will do, mate," Cecil said. As Ian looked at him, he was sure of it. Cecil was getting old before his time. He really need something to lighten up his mood.


Cate said...

I can really understand Ian. I think he does want only the best for Cecil and doesn't want to hurt him in any way.
I hope Ian can make Cecil feel less bitter - or maybe Frannie can?

cady x said...

Well, what you want isn't always what you get. Especially in bands.

another.ellie said...

aw...I do like there friendship.