Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the shock

"Are we the help?" Ian asked Sasha who was setting out a punch bowl for the gathering to be had for Kelsy's little wedding.

"It looks to be us." Sasha was quiet about the matter. Ian had noticed a change in her as of late. Still they had their late night sleepovers, but it was becoming rather autopilot, he thought.

"Are you mad at me?" Ian finally asked.

Sasha gave him a look that he need not ask. She ordered him to get down some crystal from the back.

"Sash, what is it?" He brought down the box as she'd asked.

"Nothing." She shrugged.

"What is it about Franny that makes you so, tense?" He got out the cups while she washed them.
"I'm not tense." She promised.

"But you are," Ian said. "What did I do?"

"You didn't do anything." She was cold. So automatic. It left Ian with a bad feeling.

"It was something, tell me." Ian didn't like this. No one was around to listen.

"Franny wanted me to have her brother's baby." She put it blunt. "But I'm not." A smile almost slipped. "I'm having your baby."

"What?" Did Ian hear her correctly. He thought he might pass out. "When did you find out?"

"Its-," she sighed. "A couple of months."

"But you never said," Ian gulped. "Anything."

"Well, I suppose I didn't want to worry you." She nodded. "Or, you know, time needed to pass. I needed to be sure. I guess."

"Oh." He didn't quite understand, but he wouldn't dare question it. He wanted to call Maxie first thing. This was big news. Very big news. Of course, it wouldn't be quite as exciting to share with his Mum nor Cecil. "I just can't believe it," He smiled all over. Then the shock set in. How in the world would they ever afford this?


dk'dc said...

WOW that is a shock. Ian a dad.

cady x said...

Oy. And she just kind of springs it on him.

I like that, in a way.

ellie said...

OH, I hope Sasha's sure its his, too.