Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Frannie could clearly see this hadn't set well with Jamie at the pub. She believed he would have spit fire if he could.

"You know him?" Cecil looked at Frannie who was about to go to him, but he held her back.

"He rents a room at the boarding house," Frannie said, watching. "I think he's the groom's brother."

"Let me talk to him," Cecil sighed giving her Nico. The were handing out cake now and she took some then to feed him.

Of course, Cecil introduced himself to Jamie then. Told them they were practically family.

"Would you like for me to go down to the police station with you?" Cecil offered.

"What good would that do?" Jamie drank another shot of whiskey.

"Well, we better go soon before you're three shades to the wind there. Support, I suppose." Cecil shrugged.

"I guess I should. Don't know why they'd have a reason for such nonsense. Someone must really hate my brother." Jamie remained even lipped.

Cecil then told Frannie to wait for him. He'd be back as soon as he could.

Frannie just nodded, thinking she wished she'd stayed home now instead of being in the thick of these people who were in the midst of a celebration with or without a groom.

She made her way to the bar where Sasha was knew deep in orders for drinks. She just kept pouring lager into mugs. She was far too busy to talk.

Frannie wondered what to do. Just as she turned she had Rhys looking down at her.

"Look at you? Why and the world would you come all this way to celebrate St. Paddy's day?" He grinned.

"Just a visit," she barely got the words out.

"A visit?" He winced.

"Sash." She nodded.

"Yeah, still Sasha's good friend, aren't you." He scowled at that. She'd taken her side, and it really hadn't pleased him by the way he looked at her. "We would still be together you know, if it weren't for her."

"No, if it weren't for your ways Rhys." That was one honest thing she could say to him. It was just as well to remember what had happened between them was just as good as a one off. Of course, Sasha didn't marry. Frannie believed it was just as well that he stay the player he was and she would do her best to stay out of his way.

"Perhaps we could talk." He sounded reasonable, but she wasn't in the mood.

"No, we have nothing to discuss." She shook her head, no. He grabbed her arm. Frannie pulled away in the midst of the crowd. "You have to let me go."

She was swallowed in the crowd then. Frannie wasn't sure where she was going, but it was nowhere near Rhys.


Cate said...

Oh yes, someone really hates Jamie's brother. Who's not an angel either.
It must be weird, being at a wedding celebration to which you weren't invited. But this doesn't seem to be the conventional wedding either, with everyone just getting drunk regardless of the groom being arrested.

ellie said... Cate's comment..I love it.

hmmm...well, Frannie wouldn't tell Rhys the truth that she's moved there and pregnant with his child.

How is she going to keep that from him?

blue hearts said...

I don't know if Frannie should hide this from Rhys about the baby.