Monday, March 30, 2009

a notion

Cecil didn't think of it until after Frannie left. What if Nico had his own room when she was over?
He hated the thought of him in a laundry basket. So he was off in the backroom looking through some stuff of his mum's when he came across the crib. It would be perfect for the room next to his. It was small room , but big enough. It wasn't like a closet. But it needed a bit of tending to. Some love and care would be all it would take.

"And some curtains." Lauren and Fletch showed up just as he was trying to get the crib up the stairs without taking it apart completely. They had helped.

"I suppose it would be completely off the radar now to ask if Fletch could come and live with you." Lauren sighed.

"Yes, it would." Cecil said flat out.

"Even if he is clean and sober." Lauren reminded him.

"No telling how he might be tomorrow." Cecil didn't even care to look at the scowl on Fletch's face.

"Cecil, can't you have a little faith?" Now Lauren was giving him the once over too.

Cecil didn't care. At the moment, all he was focusing on was the notion that he just might have a family yet, and Fletch wasn't going to get in the way of that.


fan fic said...

Cecil..he is one of a kind.

taffy. said...

i hope he finds someone soon.