Thursday, March 5, 2009

my kind

Cecil wasn't too keen on this whole wedding of Kelsy's about to happen. But he knew it would do him no good to make a scene about it with those old cows, otherwise his Aunts. They might as well be a couple of old lesbians as far as he was concerned. The less he had to do with them, the better.

But still it left a bad taste in his mouth that they'd bend over backwards for Kelsy and not give him a dime to help with his situation with the record shop. It wasn't exactly a prosperous business.

He knew they didn't think much of him. Really, he hadn't a clue what he'd have to do to be in their good graces. And even so, would he want it? It would mean bending over backwards just for them and would that be a life? He didn't think so.

As meager as it was these days, he felt so alone. It was just he and Spike who wasn't there most of the time to help. How Spike got by was beyond him. It was managing bands that helped Cecil the most, but even that was getting very unsteady. It did not help that Kelsy had faltered when in fact she might have made a real record deal as much of a short fame ride she'd put Ian and even Fletch on. Now that was over.

Really, he didn't know what to do.

"There's always Lauren." Ian persuaded him quite often that she was still interested.

"She can be interested all she wants, she got to do it, if she wants it." This meant practice. This meant going places. None of that had happened.

"She will, she just needs to get Fletch sobered up," Ian told him.

"Well, that'll be years." As far as Cecil was concerned.

"She thinks 2 weeks will be long enough." Ian was going through old records that he was sure Cecil didn't need to keep. He said they'd be better off on e-bay.

"2 weeks! My eye! For fuck's sake, she some supernatural? The boy gets his fix from that cow, Molly, lives with, ain't no way he'll see daylight anytime soon." Cecil left it at that. "Guess, I have to go to my sister's wedding, and damn if I don't have to go it alone. How about you?"

"Probably just serving drinks," Ian was rather aloof about it. "Isn't there someone you could ask?"

"You know I haven't had a bird in ages. Believe me the last one I saw, pretty as an angel, got her hands full as it is. She's not gonna look at my kind." Cecil winced as if he was hurt just thinking about Frannie.

"What are you going on about?" Ian gave him a funny look that Cecil probably already had it bad for this lass and didn't even know it.

"Never mind. Just one more thing I know will never come true. There is no love. The sooner you find this out, dear Ian, the better off you'll be, mate." Cecil scowled as he fumed a bit more that he had a wedding to attend.


Cait said...

I like Cecil bitterness, and yet he's really a good brother to Kelsey.

Cate said...

Wow, poor Fletch... Coming down must be really horrible from all the descriptions of it I have read in books. But it's the right way Lauren's doing it. Just be hard. Have you ever read "Junk" by Melvin Burgess? It's one of my favourite books.

Frannie has a good way with Ste... And I think if I was her, I would have a little crush on Cecil now too! But the groove of "Abracadabra" pulled me in too, from the first few second on. I like the song, 80s music!!!

Katy and Maxie... Well, they're quite the odd couple ^^ But what sort of trai is that where you aren't allowed to take a picnic basket with you?

Wow, so thanks for filling me in on the relations between the characters... So Cecil knows Lauren. What's their relation? And Cecil and Frannie.... What a pity they don't know what they think about each other :)

ellie said...

I like this about Cecil. I want to see more of him.

Lonnie said...

Cecil. One of a kind.