Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a lovely afternoon

Katy was none too pleased to see Jamie under the kitchen sink.

"What do you think you're doing?" She winced. Maybe he lived here, but he didn't own the place.

"Why do you care?" He was fretting with tightening a pipe. "Its none of your business."

"I believe it is." She was in a huff now. "You just want to make things worse, now don't you?"

"What?" He backed out a bit from the pipes and rose up on his elbows to give her a scowl.

"You're probably just as disgusting as that brother of yours, aren't you?" She hugged herself then.

"What are you going on about? My brother has a face of an angel, and he's never done anyone harm," Jamie winced.

"Liar," Katy said. "You have to know what a wanker he is, you must? Or has your head been under a rock all this time. Which is it?"

Jamie just gave her a sour look.

"So how is it going in here?" Maxie was all smiles. He had an application in his hand. "We got us a new boarder, Katy."

"Splendid." But she didn't sound that way as she kept staring at Jamie.

"Is there a problem?" He looked at her then to Jamie.

"Yeah, she's gives a whole new name to young cows," Jamie just said. "I don't think you'd want me to repeat it." He went back to work then.

"Katy, why don't you show Orval around. I'm sure he'd love it." Maxie had his silly grin wearing thin. "Remember to smile." He just nodded as he looked over the application once more.

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