Saturday, March 7, 2009

a little luck

When Simon talked about Kelsy marrying Colin, Katy thought she might be ill.

"How could she? Has she lost the plot, completely?" She was on Simon's side. "You should stop the wedding."

"I couldn't." He was hesitant though. "Josh needs his rest, and I can't just obsess over it. It does none of us any good." He kept pushing his strands of long dark blond hair behind his ear.

"Babe, you let Si do what he needs to do, to get on with things. Lets not be hasty with this whole Kelsy crisis'. She'll manage, she always does. If any one can whip an arse in to shape, its old Kel." Maxie nodded as if she needed to be told.

"I don't like your attitude, Maxie," Katy crossed her arms. "You know how I feel about Col."

"And I'd rather not think about it." Maxie's eyes lit then as if they might have a squabble right there in Simon's livingroom.

"You two sit, I'll bring us some drinks, why don't I?" Simon got them seated. He poured some red wine for them.

"Colin is a touchy subject." Simon nodded as he got the drinks to them.

"He should be in jail." Katy nodded.

"But you don't want it to be you, who puts him there," Maxie looked at her then, and she gave him a bit of a scowl as she sipped the sour but sweet wine.

"Maxie, I thought you were going to shut it?" Katy bit back.

"Well, excuse me!" He edged away then.

"You two are the lucky ones, you've got so much ahead of you," Simon then looked at both of them.

"Do we now?" Maxie looked as if he didn't believe it.

"You know you want to embrace the situation," Simon then smiled taking a drink himself.

Katy looked at Maxie. She couldn't help but smile. Simon was right. She really had to stop this nonsense. Maxie wasn't a thing like her brother, so suspicious of everything he did just like Colin.
She put her hand in Maxie's then. Yes, they would embrace it, and be brave.


cady x said...

"You should stop the wedding" . . . I bet Katy probably has a good idea of how to do it, too.

Thanks for the comments.

ellie said...

But will Katy do it?

Cait said...

I don't know if Katy will talk to Kelsy or not. Hmmm..interesting.