Sunday, March 1, 2009

a little happiness

Frannie wasn't even so sure she wanted to cross paths with Rhys.

So it was a one off. Perhaps she was just as much a blame as he. In the loo, of all places.

She was still a bit disgusted with herself over the whole situation. It wasn't exactly something she'd want to tell her daughter some day, just how she came about. Really, it gave her a heavy feeling to her chest. She thought she might could love him, but then Sasha thought it was going the distance with him as well. And looked what had happened. He was suppose to be with Sasha then and he wasn't.

Once a wanker. Always a wanker.

Perhaps she would avoid Rhys at all cost. She had Nico. Her job. She would be fine. And yet there was this emptiness. Truly staggering around her. She felt so alone. It would have never worked with Nico's father. After all, he was a footballer and Greek too. He'd already married the girl he'd been engaged to since he was seven. That was a lost cause. And Frannie wasn't the type to stir up trouble. That would be left alone. She hoped Nico never asked about him, but he surely would. Although, that felt so far away now.

What had she become? She'd make herself sick if she worried so much about all these things she couldn't possibly change now. And she knew there was no way to change Rhys, so why try. She wouldn't.

That was when she found herself in the record shop. There was an old LP of the Steve Miller Band. She found Abracadabra., an old song her mother loved so much. It brought a smile to her face.

"Would you like that one?" Cecil asked.

"I don't even have a record player." Frannie shrugged.

"I'll burn you a CD, then." He took it from her.

"It wouldn't be much trouble?" She was holding Nico on her hip, and she had Ste along for the walk too. Really, he needed to get out. Although, he was a bit slow that was OK. She was really in no hurry.

"None at all," Cecil looked a bit odd to her, yet familiar. She wasn't sure where she knew him from.

She told him how much her mother loved the band. In fact, even her mother's mother had liked them too. "She used to sing that song to me. Its a happy tune. I need a little happiness."

"Here you are then," he gave her a CD mix with the tunes she wanted.

"What do I owe you?" She reached for her wallet.

"Not a thing." He shrugged.

"Oh, I couldn't." She shook her head, no.

"But you could," Cecil smiled. "I insist. You need a little happiness, don't you?"

"Thanks," she pressed her lips together. She introduced herself then.

"Maybe I'll see around, some time." He went back to work.

She stood there watching him for the longest time.

"Is there anything, else?" He looked back at her then.

She shook her head, wishing she knew what to say.


ellie said...

Cecil and Frannie..hum..nice ring to it. I think.

dk'dc said...

I do feel for Frannie..and I know Sasha's burned Cecil. This might be interesting.

Cate said...

Oh, Frannie is Clémence Poésy? She's pretty.
Guys from record shops are always nice. I was surprised that he had the mix CD with the songs ready at hand right when Frannie showed up! Or did some time elapse between her first visit and the handing over of the mix CD?

blue hearts said...

Cecil..I've always wondered what Trace Cyrus would be like in an English romance.

cady x said...

I liked this. It has a good energy to it.