Thursday, March 19, 2009

like a hawk

Lauren was still with Fletch. She was so tired. Perhaps she was the one who needed sleep now. But as it was she was trying her best to keep her job at the library and get in her revisions.

Lately, she'd been working after hours at the library with a little cooperation from Fletch. Of course, he laid around with the stuff animals in the children's area while she shelved books. But when Anita rang at two in the morning on her cell, she felt she had to take it.

"What's wrong?"

"Good news." Anita sounded happy.

"How good?" Lauren didn't budge a smile as she pushed books in correct order on the shelf.

"Its Laleh." Anita told her.

"Laleh? What about her?" Lauren didn't want to sound too thrilled. After all, it was Laleh who had walked away. Runaway. Wasn't that it?

"They say she's in London."

"Isn't that just peachy." Lauren scowled.

"I thought you'd want to know. She's not with Colin."

"Colin?" Lauren rolled her eyes. "Bastard."

"I don't think so, but he did marry Kelsy." Anita told her she'd been to the wedding.

"A wedding?"

"You really need to come out of that hole you've been living in lately," Anita said. "When you coming home?"

Lauren went to check on Fletch on the ABC rug. He was asleep, cuddling a teddy bear, and he was using a stuffed pony for a pillow.

"By the end of the week, I think, just can't get enough of the ocean air." Lauren sighed.

"I thought you were going to find Laleh," Anita said.

"Why should I?" Lauren remained stoic as she went back to the books to put away.

"Because you love her. Wasn't it dead romantic between you two?" Anita imagined.

"You're serious?" Lauren almost laughed then. "Hows your love life these days? Dead romantic?"

"Its like, everyone can find love but me," Anita sounded frustrated then.

"You just have to let it find you, mate. Don't let it get you down. And stop thinking I've had the best because it certainly wasn't Laleh. All she cared about was herself. She hasn't changed." Lauren told her.

"Yeah, but you have." Anita told her.

"What have I changed in to?" Lauren squinted then.

"The best mate anyone could have." Anita informed.

"You won't put that on a pillow, will you?" Lauren sighed.

"Definitely, still your sarcastic self."

"Go to sleep." Lauren told her and went back to work.


ellie said...

I liked their conversation.

Cate said...

Oh right! There's Lauren and Fletch too! And Lauren works at the library too? In Cait's stories, there are a lot of library employees too!
Poor Fletch, I guess he still doesn't feel better when he has to lie around in the children's section.. But he's lucky to have someone like Luaren who just pulls him thru the whole thing the hard way, because people just have to learn things the hard way.
But it's true that Lauren has been living in kind of a hole... And I totally understand her feelings towards Laleh. Laleh is a cow, but you can't do anything against love... ANd she has gone to EUROPE? Crazy chick. I wonder what her reasons were.
Lauren is right about that we have to let love find us.. I hope it will find me.

Cait said...

anita..I'm glad she hasn't forgotten about Lauren.

just a moment said...

Lauren always seems to be in control.

Cate said...

Oh hi...
Thanks so much about your comments! YOu said you hoped the Maths exam went well when you commented on my post from Wednesday.. But in fact I wrote that I had already got it back and that I had got 14 out of 15 on it, so yes it went well!
Thanks for your nice words.