Tuesday, March 31, 2009

just a drink

Jamie wasn't sure what to make of Colin. It didn't seem possibly. A married man.?His little brother?

"Why can't you tell me what happened?" He thought a drink would ease his woes with him, but Colin had no time for anything it seemed with the pub and then there was Kelsy which was still very much a mystery to him.

"No need. Nothing to tell." Colin had shrugged to even have a moment with him.

"You know you always have a tale to tell, lil brother?" Jamie had tried to humor him.

"So when you think you might pack it in and move on?" Colin seemed settled enough to say he didn't need him.

"I'm not." Jamie was dead serious. "I got me a room now and I've even found a descent job."

"A descent job? How did you come by that?" Colin smiled as if to think it wasn't on the up and up.

"Its with the library." He thought he'd be getting four hours a day, but as it was going lately, he usually put in a full 8 hour day.

"You know where the library is?" Colin looked at him stunned.

"Don't look so shocked," Jamie squinted. He didn't like his brother thinking he couldn't find something so boring.

"But you've been a bully all your life. How do you think I learned to get by?" Colin winced back.

"Well, thanks, I think." Jamie preferred he didn't mention his old ways. "But I've decided to settle down. I'm not that sort."

"I want to believe you, I do." Colin just remained even lipped. Jamie could see he didn't think it possible.

"I've met someone," Jamie really thought it might be too soon to tell if it would be golden. Could be.

"I see. That is news." Colin left it at that.

"So if I brought him by would you be generous enough to be the good brother you're meant to be." Jamie looked at Colin's impish smile.

"Only the best for my dear big brother." Colin almost laughed then. Gave Jamie another lager. He supposed there were some perks in having a brother who ran a pub.


taffy. said...

aww, jamie.
this will be excellent.

ellie said...

I like them as brothers.

Ivyoaks said...

well.. thank you both. I like Jamie. Of course.

Cait said...

A nice moment. I have to wonder if they both think of each other as liars.