Saturday, March 21, 2009

how fetching

Maxie notice Jamie was rather chipper. He was sure he wouldn't be with all that had unraveled with Colin. Not that he'd ask nor share what he knew.

"I take it you must rather like the place?" Maxie served him breakfast in the kitchen. As it was, he hadn't actually got around to having a formal dinner yet in the large dining hall. Everyone seemed rather comfortable in the kitchen. As it was, he served them one by one.

He put down the egg sandwich and Jamie went right to it.

"Well, it'll do. I don't really need that much." Jamie smiled, but probably not about the bacon and egg sandwich he wolfed down. "I did find a bit of income."

"Income? Well, that's great. What is it that you do?" Maxie had wondered.

"A jack of all trades, I guess." Jamie just sighed.

"Oh is it? Perhaps you know a thing or two about the plumbing." Maxie was still having troubles with the kitchen sink. "If you could fix it, I wouldn't charge you the rest of the month."

"Really?" He sounded interested. "Maybe I'll take a look then."

"So how are things with your brother? Was it a good night for him?"

"I suppose." Jamie shrugged licking his fingers. "Not sure what he sees in this lass. She looked rather ghastly, indeed. Of course, I'm not that partial to her kind. And I must say things are looking up for me in that department as well."

"Oh goodie." Maxie turned away to fill his coffee cup then. He hadn't a clue what that meant nor who Jamie might fancy. Perhaps it was better not knowing. "Anyone I might know?"

"Depends," Jamie's got even lipped then. "How you feel about having a puff around."

"Doesn't bother me," Maxie just said being caught off guard a bit. "One of my best mate's has to be in the best relationship I know of. If that helps put you at ease."

"Not that I've ever had one of those." Jamie shrugged. "But I just might. Just don't know if the work place helps with one of those."

"It can be trying and yet amazing, too. Good luck on that." Maxie told him.

"Thanks." Jamie pulled a few quid from his pockets.

"No need to do that." Maxie shook his head. "You look after that sink when ever you see fit. Don't want it harming your love life. You get to that first."

Jamie just nodded putting his cash away. Maxie would see to it somehow that all would be well here. All would be well.


Cate said...

Oh, it does sound so much fun, running that place. And a formal dinner with all the guests, that would be such a great idea! Everybody could get to know each other better! Oh, my very much neglected organizing spirit is rising inside me!
Cool that Maxie and Jamie are somehow getting along. I'm hungry for a bacon and egg sandwich now. maybe I'll make myself one for dinner.
And I loved that comment "Oh goodie". Don't ask why, I just did.

ellie said...

It funny how Maxie can get along with everyone and Katy can't.

just a moment said...

I like how Jamie told him about his life. Very interesting.

Cait said...

I wonder how long Jamie will be around....I'm glad they get along.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Maxie is very easygoing towards Jamie. Hope you're having a great weekend!

ivy's closet said...

I so hope Jamie is turning a new leaf..or something.