Tuesday, March 17, 2009

have a laugh

Some St. Patty's day this had turned out to be. Maxie was waiting for Katy.

Not a soul in the house but he and Ste. Of course, Ste wasn't exactly shooting the breeze these days.

He wished Frannie would have at least left Nico with him, but she insisted Maxie should go out and celebrate. Yeah, well, that would have been lovely, but then Katy wasn't exactly in the celebrating mood. She'd gone off, now hadn't she?

He's left several messages on her cell, but nothing. Nothing at all.

Maxie felt bad about getting off on the wrong foot with Jamie, as well. He must think they snooped every minute about the place. Maxie felt sure Jamie wouldn't be back another night. After all, he was here for his brother's wedding.

Finally, he heard the front door shut. He ran to the livingroom. There was Katy a bit gloomy in her dark trench coat.

"Where have you been? Did you stop the wedding?" He winced. He'd missed it. Damn, him.

"Sort of." She sighed.

"What do you mean? You screamed out loud and the whole shebang?" That was just bad Karma to Maxie. It felt like bad luck to him.

"No, it wasn't like that." She frown a bit. "I had Colin arrested."


"Perhaps," she shrugged. "I dunno. I just told them everything I knew about Laleh's disappearence."

"Really? But you don't even know if he had anything to do with it?" Maxie grabbed her shoulders and looked at her seriously.

"I just have a feeling, you know. A gut feeling at that. He knows. He does. Maybe they'll find something on him. They have too." She fell in to his arms then and he hugged her tight.

"But what about you, did you tell them?"

"I think they think of me as a jilted girlfriend. I'm not sure they took me seriously, but when I brought up Laleh, they took notice. Of course, they were all, that's a little too late now isn't it lass, I've never felt so guilty in all my life." She scowled.

"Well, you're not." He stroked her hair and wished he could say something to sooth this pang of misery she felt. "Come on, I'll make tea. You did the right thing. You had too, you know."

She nodded.

"I just wished you'd told me so you wouldn't have had to go it alone down at, the station. Were they a horrid bunch?" Maxie took her hand and pulled her to the kitchen.

"Not really. I don't guess. They have a duty, you know."

"No one frisked you?" He slightly smirked as he turned on the kettle.

"No." She stood there hugging herself. She almost smiled then as he put the idea in her head. She almost bursted in to laughter. "I've put Colin away, haven't I. I really did it, didn't I?" Of course, when she laughed, Maxie wasn't sure just what sort of laugh that was.


Cate said...

I'm just catching up. Wow, Kelsy's wedding dress IS rather unusual. I'd like to get married in white.
White dresses... I wonder about Frannie choosing a white dress for her date with Cecil. It is rather elegant, that. And he all in black.. They fit. Like YIng and Yang.
Aw, I hate meeting family-in-laws... How rude of Cecil's aunt to not take Frannie's hand!
So, let's see what happens with Colin now. It would serve him right to get arrested. And I'd forgotten all about Laleh! Let's see if they find her!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, I wonder if Colin does know more than he has let on in the past??

ellie said...

Katy has saved the day...perhaps.

Cait said...

Oh...Katy. I hope it doesn't backfire on her.

frances said...

I love reading this! Intruiiiging stuff.