Sunday, March 8, 2009

a guest

It was getting late and quiet. At least Nico was asleep, but Frannie stayed in the parlor with Ste. She really wasn't sure what to do with him, but he was being quiet, looking at a book while she was trying to remember what a double crochet stitch was. She had a crochet hook and some dark yarn thinking she'd practice on a scarf of some kind, but really she wasn't completely in to it.

Actually, she was getting sleepy with the fireplace going. It was warm and cozy. She just about nodded off herself until there was a knock on the door. At first she thought it might be the wind. But no, someone was at the door. At first she didn't want to check it out, but she guessed she should.

Of course, the stranger looked somewhat of a gypsy to her. Smelled like one too. But he wasn't selling anything.

"I'm sorry if its late, but I thought perhaps you might have a room available. The cheapest would do. I'm not looking for a suite. Just some place I could clean up, get a good night sleep." He sounded descent enough.

"Its just I'm not the one in charge," she let him in. "I'll make some tea, and we'll see about getting you a room." All Frannie knew to do was to call Maxie on his cell and hope he'd answer. She didn't want to have to turn him away. Perhaps it was that smile. Or the look, yet there was something about the eyes that didn't set well with her. Perhaps it was nothing. She'd hate to judge his character on the eyes.

"I'd so appreciate it," he told her after she brought him some tea and some leftovers from the fridge she'd warmed in the microwave.

"We'll you be here long?" She thought Maxie might need to know.

"Hard to say, its all up to the village, I suppose." He flashed a smile then and wolfed down all that she'd put in front of him.

She put in the call. Finally, Maxie answered. She sounded OK with him. They'd talked so much about the village and the weather. She hadn't asked him his name.

"I suppose it would be all right for the night." Maxie told her. She could put him in the room Katy never stayed in. It was just off the kitchen. One of the servant's quarters.

"Thanks," Frannie said and went back to the lodger.

"Its a possibility." She nodded.

"Very kind of you to go to the trouble." He kept his smile even as he looked at her.

A part of Frannie wished Ste would wake up from this dream he was in and help her out just a little.

"I was wondering," Frannie started.

He pulled out what cash he had and laid it on the table. She took only some of it.

"I don't know your name." She looked at him.

"That's quite all right, you haven't exactly told me yours, now have you?" He gave her that sly smile of his as he got up from the table to follow her down the hall.

"I'm Franny." She looked back at him.

"Very nice to meet you, Franny," He grinned. "I'm Jamie Dean."

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