Saturday, March 14, 2009

a bit cross

"Well, then, so this is what goes on in my room when I'm not here." It was Jamie.

Katy was a bit startled and perhaps in embarassed, but not really.

"How much longer you think you might be a resident here?" She came back with a question as if to steal his thunder. Instantly, she knew she didn't like him. Although, she couldn't say what it was about him. His looks was slightly familar. A look she didn't find much comfort in.

"I guess until I'm good and ready to go," He smirked crossing his arms. "So did you find anything to catch your interest, or is this where you always hang out when the mood hits you?"

"Sorry," Maxie greeted him then even if he looked a bit uncomfortable doing it, "Maxie, sorry I wasn't here when you first got here. Just haven't seen you about, that's all."

Jamie just nodded. "Well, it seems I have a wedding to go to. My brother is getting hitched. Wasn't what I came for, but oh well."

"What is it that you came for?" Katy wanted to know as she studied him.

"I don't believe I know you," Jamie winced. "Why in the hell would you care?"

"You must be Colin's brother." She put the two and two together. Katy couldn't help but scowl just a bit then.

"Yes, I am." Jamie kept an even lip. "What of it to you?"

"Nothing," she pulled Maxie along then.

"Well, lets hope you have a good time tonight," Maxie was his usual friendly self and Katy just looked back at him, swearing under her breath that there was no need to be.

"Why are you like this?" Katy said once they got back in the kitchen.

"What?" Maxie went to put on the kettle.

"How could you even think of being nice to that beast. He's trouble. I just know it." Katy gritted.

"Just because he's Colin's brother?"

"Don't give him any benfit of the doubt." Katy shook her head. "He has to be up to no good."

"He's here for his brother's wedding." Maxie said barely above a whisper. "There is no need to harp on about it. So hush." His hand touched her stern cheek then, but she backed away.

"I have to see Kelsy now," Katy told him. "I just have too.


elliestories said...

Jamie is definitely one to be reckon with. Be careful

fan fic said...

I don't know about Jamie.

blue hearts said...

oh so forboding.

ellie said...

Katy sounds like she might put an end to things.