Friday, March 13, 2009

around the house

Maxie swore he spent a good portion of his day in the kitchen. This wasn't the way he thought it would work, but it had.

Of course, he'd found out from Frannie about her planned night out with Cecil.

"What about Nico," he'd asked earlier.

"Oh, he's coming. I wouldn't put you out on such short notice. It sounds like a rather family thing. I might as well bring my own, shouldn't I?" She was full of laughter about it.

"Well, of course." What else could he say.

Of course, Katy was a different story. She'd been just with herself most of the day. She promised him she wasn't mad at him. As it was she'd had her way with him and then had shut him off as if she'd turned off the lights at the loo and slammed the door tight. Just wasn't easy getting much information out of Katy when she was like this. Perhaps she could be just as fickle as ....well, Kelsy.

Not that he knew her that well. All right, they'd gone to school together. Started their first year together when they were quite small, and now there was a quickie wedding, and with an absolute wanker at that. God, what had become of the village? And here Frannie was going on about the fun of it. Of course, she'd found Cecil. Frannie didn't know Cecil's sister Kelsy.

"Well, are we going to this shindig or not?" He finally found Katy who had took it upon herself to make up Jamie's room while he was out. Perhaps she was fishing for something other than a bed she could make up and dirty towels to be in the laundry.

"Maybe I could just talk some sense into Kelsy, don't you think?" Katy looked at him wide awake then as if she'd thought of this most of the day.

"Well, consider its Kelsy, " he grinned. "Once she gets her mind set on something, there is no changing it, you know."

"I could try."

"Well, I don't see you running there this minute, now do I?" He folded the fresh towels and put them away while Katy looked under the bed.

"What ever are you after?" Maxie gave her a startled look.

"Nothing." She shrugged then.

"Come on, you wouldn't think we're harboring a fugitive, would you?" Maxie cracked a smile as he put away the towels.

"One can never be sure these, days, now can we?" She put her hands on her hips and looked at him that he was just too kind.

He went over and kneaded her tense shoulders then.

"Luv, it'll be fine. Lets just live our lives and stop trying to find secrets that are just dust mites." He leaned in then and kissed her cheek from behind.

"Have you even seen this Jamie fellow?"

"He's a figment of our imagination who's leaving me money," he whispered into her ear.

They kissed then in Jamie's room. Just then the door creaked open.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-ooh, the mysterious jamie, wonder why he is here?

Cate said...

Oh, Katy seems to be getting difficult... I think Maxie should just let her sulk, because if she said she wasn't mad at him, it's none of his business. Maybe she just wants attention, and it's best not to give attention to attention-seekers.
Haha, I guess that if I was running a house like that, I would be tempted to snoop into the peoples' things too...
I can't quite make up my mind about Katy.

just a moment said...

What is Katy up too?

Cait said...

Oh, those love birds.

ellie said...

Could Katy say anything to really change Kelsy's mind?

elliestories said...

That might have been a bad idea. Kissing in Jamie's room.