Sunday, March 15, 2009

an act of kindness

Katy had decided. Perhaps a last ditch effort. She'd find Kelsy. Now. Of course, it was a bit of doing getting in to the Black Cat. She had to make her way through the back entrance. And still it was quite thick with folks getting on with the preparations. Who did they think Kelsy was? A princess from some long lost kingdom. She was just a slapper, after all. Honestly, why was she going to all this trouble?

Finally she made it up the hallway where Kelsy lived. She tapped on the door lightly.

Naturally, Kelsy told her to come on in. She was evidently in the middle of something.

But then when Katy saw her in her rather unusual wedding dress, Katy took a step back.

"What is it?" Kelsy winced.

"You're actually getting hitched in something like this?" It was practically black, barely purple with black lace trim. It hardly covered her thighs. and then there were the thigh high stockings with the ribbons. What was she trying to do? Anime come to life?

"So. I hate tradition." She shrugged.

"Then why go through this at all?" Katy did her best to be on her side.

"Because I said I would. All right." Kelsy told her.

"Even if you know what a wanker he is and some of the despicable acts he's carried out." Katy cringed. "You don't want to put yourself and Simon's baby in danger."

"Simon's baby? How do you know about this?" Naturally, that had her wound up more so than Colin.

"What does it matter? This has really hurt him, you know. Suddenly, wanting a family. Its just not you." Katy frowned.

"Just shut it. I'm fine. We will be fine and you don't know Colin, like I do." Kelsy informed her.

"But I do." Katy nodded as she looked Kelsy over again. "I almost married him, in fact. Of course, I was rather drug induced at the time, but it could have happened."

Kelsy didn't say anything for the longest time.

"He's changed, all right." Kelsy finally sighed. "Don't even think about stopping the wedding." Kelsy's eyes lit.

Katy just looked at her bitter. "Don't worry. I'm not staying."


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-was katy going to mention jamie? all very curious!

Cait said...

I don't know if anyone could set Kelsy straight though.

just a moment said...

at least caty tried.

ellie said...

I'm betting they won't be the best of friends.