Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When Frannie got back, the first thing she did was put on the CD. It didn't take her long to get in the groove of the song even if she had Nico on her hip.

She even got Ste to move with the song. Frannie sang a few bit parts. Especially the, "I heat up. I can't cool down. My situation goes round and round...." After while, she even had Ste saying those words too.

It made her smile. She didn't know why. It was great not to think about her situation. And she kept thinking about Cecil too. Although, she knew she shouldn't. It wouldn't be fair to him, would it? Waltz right into his life with her situation. Definitely, a turn off.

Frannie made herself sad just thinking about it. She had to stop thinking such.

Frannie looked at Ste and saw he was actually singing.

She sang along with him even if they were off key and little ridiculous. At least, he could do it. It made her smile that he could. She knew this was what she should be focusing on. Not this thought that perhaps Cecil might want to see her again. Deep down, she hoped it was soon. Really soon, but the harsh reality set in that it wouldn't be. Couldn't be. She couldn't be any one's burden but her own.

Finally, she went to get a glass of milk and some cookies for Ste. He would be hungry. She knew she was.



ellie said...

I love that song. I'm glad she got to Ste. Somehow.

blue hearts said...

Glad they could have so fun. I think she's a good influence on Ste, but I wouldn't want them together. Sorry.

cady x said...

This was fun to read. It had a very light feel to it.