Friday, February 27, 2009

a wretch

"I'm sick," Fletch complained, practically rolled up in a ball.

"But you'll be better, you'll see?" It was the fifth day of this. Half way through, Lauren supposed. She'd called in sick, but Anita kept leaving messages assuming she'd found Laleh. Naturally, Anita was furious.

Of course, it didn't help that Fletch couldn't keep anything down. The runs too. It was a nasty matter. Really, Lauren wasn't at all sure she could take much more of this herself, but she supposed she'd started it so she might as well be there for the end.

Newt had brought her a box of goodies, soups and crackers along with some fruit and crisps to munch on.

"What am I suppose to tell people?" Newt looked at her as if she'd lost it. "Are you sure it's worth it? Really? You could lose your job over it and what about school?"

"Just tell them its the fever and bring me my course work." She grimaced.

"I knew I'd forgot something." Newt sighed, looking at Fletch all bundled up in bed. "He's in such a bad way, couldn't you have taken him to the clinic by now."

"We'll wait it out. Then we'll have the old Fletch back. All right," Lauren looked at Newt that he was asking too much.

"And then what? What do you do then? Tell me that, why don't you?" Newt smirked.

"Just shut it. You're not helping," she frowned. "Just bring me what I need to catch up on. All right?"

"aye-aye, Captain." Newt gave her a salute and with that he left.


ellie said...

Lauren and Newt..oh..I don't miss them together. I like Newt with Billy. But Lauren and Fletch...I dunno.

taffy. said...

Lauren has a peculiar mom-ish complex.
don't ask.

erinjay said...

I haven't watched hollyoaks in years!
is Eli still around?

Cait said...

poor guy. that would be awful.

cady x said...

Lauren . . . always sort of seems like she's up to something.