Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the word is out

Well, this was promising, Maxie guessed when Sasha dropped by as soon as word got around that he'd have a boarding house opening soon.

"You say, this friend of yours will need a place to stay when she gets here?"

Sasha just nodded. "Will it be a problem, if she brings a little one with her? She's pregnant, but not that far a long. I'm sure she'll get work here soon. She's a nurse. She's done some even in the area, and I'm sure she'll have fine references."

"Well, good. I think we can arrange it. I'm pretty sure we can find her a room with her own bathroom. You're sure she'd be happy with just a room?"

"Yeah, I think it'll do for a while. Frannie has a lot on her mind. She has a bit to take care of with Rhys." Sasha told him while she sat in the parlor with him.

"Rhys?" Maxie squinted. "Weren't you going to marry him?"

"Not anymore." Sasha scowled slightly. "Frannie is like family, all right. I just want her to be in a decent place. That's all I'm asking."

"She will. When do I need to have the room ready?" Maxie was getting the figures written down about to give Sasha a quote of how much it would cost.

"By the end of the week." Sasha shrugged.

"That soon?" Maxie felt caught off guard. "I'll see what I can do." Really, he hadn't a clue just where he'd put Frannie up.


ellie said...

Oh boy..someone moving in already?

taffy. said...

this will be excellent.

Summer said...

I love this blog...
This will be a good one.=)