Friday, February 20, 2009

what goes around comes around

Maxie wasn't expecting this. A back rub from Katy.

"You're making it quite difficult to sleep, you know?" He gritted as he laid on her stomach there on the bed. Which officially was there bed according to her. "You're not going to walk on my back, now are you?"

"Do you want me?" Katy pushed her palms into his tense shoulder. She was straddling his back.

Maxie's eyes lit wondering if he could take that question seriously.

"No. Yes," he found himself saying. "I think that's enough." He reached back to look at her, but she pushed his shoulders down hard.

"Just relax." She informed him.

"How relaxed do I have to be?" He pushed his fist under his chin then.

She laughed then and he knew her mouth was so close to his ear then that he could feel her breath. He squinted hard then. Really, he didn't want to be teased like this. What was he suppose to do?

Finally, she got off.

"Well, thank you very much." He put on a smile then, but mainly for her benefit. Perhaps he should just stay this way for a little while since he wasn't so sure she really wanted know what she had somehow prodded along.

She made herself comfortable on the pillow next to him and smiled.

"Now, will you please go away," Maxie almost cringed in pain of the stick in his pants. "I think I need to be alone."

"Do you now?" She caught a laugh and put her hand over her mouth.

"You do know what you've done?" He blinked. "You are unbelievable." Of course, he couldn't say if he was being honest or having a laugh, himself.

"So, its true then?" She smirked.

"Yes, you make me-" He turned away from her then and squeezed his pillow. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh, Maxie, you're a blast, you really are." She got up then to go check her makeup. There was still a bit of laugh in her voice, "I do look forward to torturing you even more tonight. You think you'll be up for it?"

"Um, I dunno if-if it'll ever go down before then." Really, she was making this all the more intense, and Sasha and Frannie would be here any moment.


Cait said...

hmmmm...i think i titled a post like this..too.hahahah..but different stuff. Oh that Katy.

cady x said...

LOL, Katy. Likes making people feel uncomfortable.

ellie said...

Poor Maxie..well, he might not be that down in the dumps anymore.

another.ellie said...

What is Katy up too..funny.