Thursday, February 5, 2009

the struggle

Maxie finally got through to Laleh's Dad. Well, he was Ste's Dad too only their Dad didn't seem to want to talk about him.

Of course, he had to listen to their Dad talk up quite a while about a set back he'd had. It seemed there were some financial problems.

"I see, so we might as well be out on the street then?" Was this where they were going? The streets.

"I'd put the place on the market if I could sell it, but as it is I'm pretty sure everything is at a stand still these days." It sounded grim. Maxie was sure of it. His days were numbered here. He'd have to think of something. Perhaps he could talk Ian into letting him stay with him, but then it was a bit puzzling these days, wondering where Ian was staying.

"I'm just not sure what you have in mind for Ste. He definitely needs to be in some sort of facility, don't you think?" Maxie told him.

"Would you stop pestering me, boy!" Maxie got an earful then.

"I'm just saying what is true," Maxie knew he had money coming to him, didn't he?

"He's not going anywhere," his Dad told Maxie. "You'll think of something."

"Well, I'm not a handy man. Are you just waiting for the power to go so I can start up a hostel?" Maxie winced.

"Now you're thinking."

"What?" Maxie felt sure the old man must be going crazy. "Just send me the cash, will you? The sink's a mess. This dishwasher is on the fritz. And I have nothing in the pantry. If you could do that much, I'll see if I can get this place up and running for a boarding house. You've got the rooms. I just need a little help. Can you do that?"

"All right. Seeing that you are looking after Ste. I'll see what I can do."

Maxie finally sighed. Of course, he had no idea what their Dad might do about Laleh. He didn't even want to talk to Maxie about her.


blue hearts said...

A boarding house..sounds interesting. Just wonder how Laleh will feel about this.

Cate said...

Wow, Ste and Laleh's dad seems to be a bit.. indifferent? Thank God they have Maxie. Especially Ste.

ellie said...

thank god for Maxie. wondering where laleh is.