Monday, February 2, 2009

a rut

Didn't Maxie think he was in the one spot he was in the day before. Stuck right there in the kitchen, making sure the dishes were done. Seriously, the place was becoming more and more rundown by the day. Now the dishwasher was on the list to be fixed.

"Honestly, I don't know what she's doing," Maxie said into his cell while on the phone with Simon.

"Who? Katy?"

"No, Laleh, I doubt she came home last night. Second day she's missed classes. Really, she's out of control." Maxie never thought he'd say this about her since usually he was the one out of control. Or was.

He let out the water then in the sink. It wouldn't drain.

"Bugger!" He was very displeased with this situation now. No, food. The kitchen would be a total disaster now if the sink wasn't working.

"What is it?" Simon asked.

"This fuck'n sink, thats what it is." He sighed.

"So what happened with Katy?"

"The usual."

"You have a usual now?"

"Suppose so." If Maxie could call it that. Nothing had really happened. So they were sleeping together. "Its about as sexy as sleeping with you, mate."

"So nothing,"

"I'd have better luck with a stray cat." Maxie informed him.

"You must be doing something wrong," Simon shared then.

"You think?" Oh, like that was news to him. Not. "I'm not pushing it. If she doesn't see me that way, I can't do a thing about it, can I?" Maxie sucked at his bottom lip then staring out the window, but he was really wondering how her lips might feel on his. He gave a sad scowl then.

"Well, don't give up mate. If you have feelings for her, surely she'll notice sooner or later,"

"Later, I'm assuming when she off with god knows who. Some bloke who's got his hands all over her. Then she'll give me a call. Not bloody likely." But there was a twinge of in his heart that would regret it so much if it were to happen that way. When she did strike out on her own and he'd be right here stuck in this mess with Ste, his sister and a rotting kitchen.

"I have to call Laleh's Dad. He has to know what she's up too. How the bills are being neglected. And about Ste as well. I doubt he gives shit about any of it. I suppose they are old enough not to be his responsibility. But what can I do?" This was making Maxie feel ancient.

"If we had the room, you could come here, but we're all filled up, you know."

"I know." Maxie sighed. "Sorry I said anything."

"Look, there's always tomorrow. Remember."

"That's a nice song, isn't it?" Maxie knew what he was getting out. "But it'll be the same shit. Believe me." And with that he hung up.


ellie said...

Poor Maxie. Its just not fair to be stuck with Ste and the whole Laleh situation.

taffy. said...

Maxie needs to talk to Katy. Ste still reminds me of a flaccid, undersized penis.

blue hearts said...

Oh..Maxie. He's sweet. He really is. Oh..that's so funny Taff what you wrote about Ste.