Saturday, February 14, 2009

reality check

Maxie was busy in the kitchen. He was leaving the rest to Katy. He had Ste to look after who was being quiet as usual. Sometimes, he thought Ste was all there and just playing a trick on him. Other times, it was as if he'd left the building and a shell of a person was still left in his place.

Simon rang.

"What is it?" Maxie was stirring a tomato sauce. Hopefully, for pasta. That is if he ever got any on. The water just wouldn't seem to boil.

"I've just seen Kelsy." Simon told him.

"And?" He tasted the sauce then thinking more red pepper was needed. Something to spice it up.

"And I'm sure something is up." Simon sighed.

"I thought this was all washed under the bridge. Why are you worried what she does? She means nothing to you, right?"

"I know. Its just-" He broke up a bit then as if he was walking somewhere. He could here someone talking to him in the background. "What is she's not telling me?"

"As in?" Maxie wondered what he meant, but he needed to find the basil too. As he turned, he caught Ste looking at him. Maybe he was coming around.

"I dunno," Simon said. "What if she lied to me?"

"What would be the point?" Maxie winced as he stirred at the sauce. Finally the water began to boil.

"She doesn't want me to help her, that's it. She wants to keep my child from me!" Now Simon was getting loud. Maxie almost tossed his phone in the boiling bath of water.

"Don't be daft," Maxie told him. "You don't even know. Just let it go, Simon. Enjoy your Valentines day. I'm sure Kel isn't worrying about you at all."

"I know," Simon sounded down.

"Just have some fun will you. Love the one you're with. The one you're suppose to be with. The one who loves you, you Puff." Maxie hung up on him and saw Ste's stare.

"Well, well, mate, lets see how you like your sauce, aye?" Maxie put down the phone then. It was time to give Ste a taste of reality.


Cate said...

I read the last three chapters...
I wonder what is on Anita's and Lauren's mind. Theresa really messed their whole previous evening up.
I bet Maxie and Katy will get a grip on the boarding house, eventually. They even cook themselves - people will love it there!

ellie said...

Happy Valentines day! Maxie and Simon..

Sydney said...

happy valentine's!

taffy. said...

he will find out about his child, of course.
all in due time.