Tuesday, February 17, 2009

most definitely

Ian had came to the rescue. He had a car. At least.

"I think, Newt was in the middle of something with Billy." Lauren hugged herself as she looked at Anita in the backseat looking bewildered.

"Probably something electric."Anita smiled, she was grooving to a Lady Gaga tune she couldn't get enough of.

"Well, it is two in the morning." Ian yawned as he drove on in the back streets of the night. "Had she sounded normally?"

"Kind of." Lauren shrugged.

Finally they turned a corner and the headlights caught a glimpse of Theresa who was on the curb clutching her bag. Ian and Lauren hurried over to pick her up and get her in the back seat.

"Should we take her to the emergency?" Lauren said.

"I suppose," Ian said.

"No. No. Don't. Please don't," Theresa kept saying. Lauren looked at Anita who nodded that they should.

"Shit. Just shit. Always." Lauren frowned as they sped on in the car once again.

"Perhaps you should be a copper and take care of all these shindigs." Ian smiled.

"Shindigs?" Lauren looked at him puzzled.

"Don't be so hard on your friend. She just has to learn the hard way." Ian told her.

"Yeah, and bring us all down in the mean time." Lauren didn't find much comfort in that.

"Its Laleh, isn't it? That's what is really troubling you." Ian reminded her.

"It isn't. I could really care less what is up with her. She's where she wants to be. Isn't that always the case?" Lauren would not dwell on her.

"I guess." Ian nodded. "Just glad you didn't fall hook line and sinker for all of it. You know."

Lauren looked on. She almost smiled then. He still liked her. He was definitely a friend to count on.


Cate said...

Anita grooving in the backseat is a funny picture in my mind ^^
Ian is definitely a friend.

taffy. said...

ian just keeps getting better and better.

ellie said...

I'm glad she and Ian are still good friends.