Friday, February 6, 2009

a lovely time

Where were they now? A shopping mall. A thrift store. No, there had been crates like a ware house.

"What are we doing here?" By the time Laleh got the words out they were already at the shore line.

"Did you know it was snowing?" Colin brought up, but they were at the sea, and there were seagulls taking flight and there was squishy sand between her toes.

"I don't think I saw it." Laleh felt numb. Just what sort of trip were they on?

"But you did," he smiled, kissing her forehead as they somehow tumbled along toward the waves. "It was splendid. You said so yourself."

"I don't remember. I think I need to lay down." She nodded.

"Yes, that would be lovely, wouldn't it, but come on. We have so much to do." He took her hand and lead the way down to the waves.

"Like what?" She winced. Laleh thought she had hair in her mouth. and she couldn't get it out.

"You'll see. All in good time. All in very good time." He smiled, grabbed her by the hair then and dunked her in the ocean. When she came up for air, she was in a bath tub of hot suds of water, somewhere. She could barely catch her breath.

"Now you'll do as your told, won't you?" He gave her a silly grin.

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Cait said... thats a trip. Strange times for Laleh.