Thursday, February 19, 2009

just another day

Lauren had a good mind to track Fletch down herself. It was still on her mind even at school the next day. Of course, Theresa wasn't there. Although, she was really OK physically. Perhaps her pride was bruised more than anything.

"At least she didn't have to have stitches." Anita shrugged as they were walking the halls of the schoo. Anita handed Lauren a sucker. "You didn't eat lunch. You're not trying to lose weight, are you?"

"No." Lauren wanted to remain indifferent to her, but Anita would have it.

"What's the matter?" She unwrapped hers and put it in her mouth.

"Nothing." Lauren hugged her books. "I just suddenly hate my life, all right." She looked away as if she was no good to talk too.

"Why? What, because Laleh isn't here and- and then you'd be in your own little world with her and -and you couldn't give shit about us," Anita blurted and walked on then.

Lauren watched Anita go by. She hadn't expected to hear her talk that way.

"Hey!" Lauren called. "Wait up."

But Anita didn't. She went on the commons as if she had better things to do.

Lauren shook her head and hurried on to find her, but when she did she noticed Anita was talking to a bloke.

Lauren kept her mouth shut and watched. Anita was a bit giddy as she danced about clinging on to every word he said, and she laughed as if she were on auto-pilot.

"Oh God, she'll fuck this up too, won't she?" Lauren barely said above a whisper. She wanted to save her, but didn't know how. Perhaps it wasn't her place.

Lauren whipped out her cell then to see there were no messages from Laleh. She'd expected as much. She looked through her contacts then. She still had Fletch's number. She wondered if it still worked.

She punched in:

Hey, stp by lib. OK?

She sent it then. Possibly, she'd just see what the wanker was up to these days.


ellie said...

What's Lauren getting herself into?

blue hearts said...

What's Lauren up to now?

cady x said...

Ah, poor Lauren. She seems so confused.