Sunday, February 15, 2009

it would be


Lauren hated that she called Anita so late. They'd just got the last of the DVDs watched. And she knew Anita wanted to watch Jamie Campbell Bowar sing the Johanna song one more time in Sweeney Todd.

"Tell her to leave you alone!" Lauren meant it too. She grabbed her cell. "She can't stand you, you know. You really could care less about, either of us. I don't know why you bother!"

But she could hear Theresa crying. She really did sound bad.

"Don't tell me," This was really getting on her nerves. "You didn't do anything awful, now did you?"

"He beat me up." She blurted.

"Who?" Lauren's look soured.

"It was Fletch." Lauren knew his ways. He'd been quite nice at one time, but that was long ago, way before he started mixing with the wrong crowd. It seemed the wrong crowd was growing by leaps and bounds these days.

"Fletch? What on earth were you doing with him?" Lauren listened. It was about drugs. Naturally.

"I had the money, I did. I really need someone to pick me up." She sounded weak. Lauren imagined her bleeding everywhere, perhaps her stomach clenched.

"Well, call yourself a cab, will you?" Lauren bit her bottom lip.

"I haven't any cash." Theresa moaned as if she were in dire need of help. "He took it."

"Where are you?" She looked back at Anita. Lauren wondered who she could call for help. Would it be Newt and Billy or maybe Ian. Really, she wasn't sure if any of them would help her out with Theresa.


Cate said...

Sweeney Todd... One of my favourite films. I have to watch it sometime again.
And Theresa! Why does she always have to spoil everything???
But she seems to be in a horrible situation, so I'll forgive her.

ellie said...

Lauren to the rescue.

taffy. said...

oh poor theresa.
lauren is so fantastic.