Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's not easy

Katy handed Maxie over the menu.

He was in the middle of sorting bedding from the Mart they'd just found on clearance. Frannie's room needed to be ready. She would be here soon.

"What's this all about?" As if he wanted one more thing to do.

"Its quite simple actually, I'm sure it won't be so hard once you get it going." She smiled sweetly.

"Get what going?"

"The kitchen up and running." She was elated about the idea of the boarding house in full swing.

"The kitchen?"

"See, you should have it..where, pasta on Monday, a shepherd pie on Tuesday, meatless Wednesday, stew on Thursday and fish and chips on Friday." Katy pointed out.

"Simple as that." He looked it over. "Oh, won't that be fun." Maxie was rather pessimistic though. "And what of breakfast, aye, what do we do about that?"

"Cold cereal. Jam and toast. Occasionally and egg casserole if you wish. You don't have to make this anymore trying than it has to be," Katy looked at him wide eyed. "Got it?"

"It'll be splendid." Maxie nodded, but he was already exhausted and the boarding house hadn't even opened yet.


ellie said...

Oh, I think Katy must know something about running the place. I hope she won't be too bossy.

taffy. said...

shepherd's pie makes me unbelievably happy.

Cate said...

Damn, how much have I missed? Gotta catch up.
What a surprise to know that Katy was almost married to Colin! He drugged her.. Like he drugged Laleh...
Oh ya.. Running a business like this isn't so easy.

Cait said...

Maxie has his work cut out for him.