Sunday, February 22, 2009

in with the new

They had their first boarder.

Maxie tried his best to be all smiles. It was going to be hard to be on his best behavior all the time.

"I'm really looking forward to this," Frannie smiled shaking his hand then Katy's. "Its so quaint."

"The house has been-" Maxie started but then looked at Katy. "one of the best around in the village. It needs to be filled up, again." There was no mention of Laleh who at the moment was just a runaway, wasn't she?

Then Frannie saw Ste.

"Who's this?" She smiled walking toward him. Maxie could see Katy cringing.

"Really, he's harmless." Katy gritted a smile. Although, Maxie knew Katy was scared of him.

"This is Ste, he's in a bit of a bad way, but he's on the mend," Maxie said wanting to believe it, but he couldn't see how when Ste was reluctant to do anything.

"Well, then, I'm glad I'm here," Frannie nodded, holding her baby on her hip. This made Maxie nervous. Did Frannie want to know Ste? No one really knew what a mystery he really was. The lass must love a challenge. Of course, she'd messed around with Rhys Ashworth and look where that had got her.

His head filled with all sort of thoughts. Could she nurse Ste back to health? And if she did would he be the same old Ste to contend with, or a better one, brand new?


ellie said...

I hope Frannie can help Ste.

Cate said...

About "just another day": I hope Lauren isn't trying to lose weight. Good that Anita cares about that.
About "what goes around comes around": Aw, Katy is really mean ^^ But Maxie can't deny the reactions of his body either ^^
About "a decision": I think Fletch likes Lauren.

I can understand why Katy is scared of Ste. But some people have a good way with people Like Ste. Maybe Frannie is one of them.

dk;dc said...

This should interesting. I like Frannie.