Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in order of consequence

Maxie thought about getting on his cell with Simon, but he didn't. He knew Simon had enough on his mind with his doubts about Kelsy and then with Josh's sudden back injury that sent him to the hospital. He wouldn't touch that conversation. It might bring up too many questions. And really, he liked being in the dark about Simon's sex life.

Ste seemed a bit chipper. Maxie thought it might be Frannie's doing. She'd talked to him briefly even held his hand for a time being. Of course, Maxie had looked at Katy seeing she thought it was a bad idea.

"What if he becomes alive in the middle of the night and attacks her," Katy said while they were alone in their room.

"That's nonsense. He's not capable of such-such whatever nightmare you might have in mind," he looked at her thinking he really didn't know her at all, now did he? "That's quite an imagination you're conjuring up, now is it?"

"You have to think of the inevitable." She told him.

"Right." He sighed. "And what's my inevitable with you, then?" He had to get to this somehow. He'd pussy-footed around this too long for his liking. Was he in or was he out? "Do I even stand a chance with you?" He winced.

"What do you think?" She looked a him a bit flustered.

"I dunno." Which was true. Completely.

She looked at him then, put her arms around him and gave him a good reason that this wasn't a game. She kissed him.

It felt like an invitation. Possibly. He Frenched her back. She smiled.

"You won't tell me all the boys you did, will you?" He wondered.

"As if," Katy batted her lashes. Definitely a snog wouldn't just do. A shag more likely. Although, it felt awkward as hell. Maxie really couldn't remember his last one.


Cate said...

About the previous chapter: Whew, I'm happy that Lauren poured all the drugs down the sink. First I thought she was going to do something very different.

I always like the telephone conversations between Maxie and Simon. And practice makes perfect, but I can understand why Maxie is feeling awkward.

ellie said...

I like Maxie..evidently, Katy does too.

Cait said...

I hope they have some fun..and it'll be more of something good.

taffy. said...

uncertainty is less uncertain!