Monday, February 9, 2009

in the library

Lauren wished she could lose herself in the library, but Laleh was still on her mind. She was mad, angry, confused and scared now that she might never see Laleh again. She knew everyone thought Laleh was up to her same old stuff. Maybe she was. It just seemed different this time. Perhaps it was the idea that she thought Laleh had changed when they got together. But this, this wasn't the Laleh that Lauren knew and she felt sick now, thinking the worst, yet wondering if Laleh was just playing her for a fool.

"I know you're worried about her," Newt said while he was showing her a few short cuts getting the job done on time so there wouldn't be so many books in the morning to contend with. "Remember, she's a lot like a cat. She usually lands on her feet, whatever the case may be."

Lauren tried to smile.

"Do you think I was her first?" Lauren wondered.

"Well, I think everything is always her first," Newt slightly smirked as he packed a few biographies to a few places Lauren couldn't reach. "If you get my drift. Just don't let it get to you, will you?"

"Yes. Of course." She did her best to manage, but really she was sure she'd never fall in love again. This was just too much to contend with. Wasn't it? "I really hate her, right now."

"Good. You should." Newt nodded. "But I'm sure when you two make up, you'll forget any thoughts of hate."

"I'm not making up with her." She was adament about it.

"Well, of course not." He shrugged putting more books away while Lauren did her best to help.

"You don't believe me, but I'm fed up with that cow. And she can do all that she wants with that Colin. I don't care." She gritted then, determained to get this cart of books done before she left here.

"If you say so." He kept a stiff upper lip.

"Mark my words it true." Her eyes were wide open as she looked at him.

"Can I put a nice mustache on your upper lip when I mark those words?" He laughed then.

"Shut it." She gave him a slap on the shoulder then.

"Ow." He yelped. Just then an old woman peeked around the corner, eyeing them. They both quieted then.


taffy. said...

colin sucks.

ellie said...

Making changes. Now the

Cait said...

I'm glad Lauren is having some fun with Newt.

Summer said...

reading. :) nice one