Wednesday, February 18, 2009

final touches

Katy put the finishing touches on Frannie's room. She had taken Maxie down to one of the consignment shops, and they'd found a crib for her son. Maxie hoped it didn't break before they got home.

"Do you think its enough?" He looked at the bare white crib with just a T-shirt fabric sheet on it in colorful stripes.

"Yes." Katy was fluffy a dark pillow on the bed. "Its not a 5 star hotel, you know. And besides, babies don't need silly stuff in their beds. Something simple, all right?" She folded neat white bath towels ready to use and put them away in the bathroom. It was a small one, but at least it had a shower and it was in the bedroom.

"Of course," Maxie sighed.

She knew the room had taken a toll on him, along with the menu and Ste who he said was coming around, but really Katy hadn't noticed. He was stoic as usual, sitting in the corner in the livingroom. At least he hadn't drooled any. What a painful sight he'd be for Frannie to see first thing.

"What if she can't take it? Being here with a zombie," Katy then scowled.

"Don't say that," Maxie said. "He did say two words to me, you know."

"Yeah, its hot." Katy rolled her eyes at that. "How lovely."

She kept looking around to see if they'd missed anything. The wardrobe had been cleaned out. Katy set around some framed pictures of flowers she'd cut out from last year's calender. If Frannie wished to put something more intimate in them, then it was waiting for her.

"I should have gotten fresh flowers." She straighted out the floral duvet. It was a bit dark, but nice. It had been with some of Laleh's things that were her mother's.

"It'll do." Maxie raked his fingers back through his untamed hair.

"I think you need a nap before you do anything else." She looked at him then.

"What?" He winced. "They'll be here in an hour."

"And excellent time for a power nap," she shrugged.

"I dunno." He scowled a bit then as if that was a foreign word to him.

"Come along," Katy said reaching her hand out to his. "I suppose I'll just have to drag you there, won't I?"


taffy. said...

kelsy, what a big, stern woman.

Cait said...

wow..that Katy...or maybe it doesn't take much to get to Maxie..hehee...

trace cyrus fan fic said...

Just not sure it'll be much of a nap..hahahahhaa...

ellie said...

This should be interesting.

cady x said...

Haha. I like those two.