Saturday, February 21, 2009

a decision

Lauren had left Anita to her own devices to entertain Denny who looked quite intense by what he said since she laughed at every sentence, practically.

She walked over to the library alone. Newt was already there.

"Did you even go to school today?"

"It was a long night," he shrugged keeping to himself and quiet as usual.

"As if I didn't have one of those," she sighed telling him all the ins and outs with Theresa. "I'd like to give Fletch a piece of my mind, I really would."

"Fletch, he might as well be put with the chimpanzees at zoo, he can't be trusted, you know." Newt looked at her then.

Just then she looked up and saw Fletch walking their way.

"Stay away from him, will you?" He just sighed and went back to his batch of books to put away.

"Don't worry." She looked at him.

"How can I not?" He just gave her a grim looked and went back to what he was doing.

"Fancy, meeting you here?" He gave her a quick grin.

"Isn't it though?" Lauren gave him a scowl.

"Well? Pray tell what do I owe you this time?" His pupils were already dilated. She knew he was on something. Already.

"A little of your time," she'd try to make this quick. "I haven't seen you in ages."

"Guess not." Fletch shrugged.

"What gives?" She crossed her arms.

"I dunno. I have a life." He was a bit timid.

"Doing what? Beating up school girls?" She stared him down then. She had half a mind to give him a drop kick, but they were in the library.


"Never mind, how about you stop by my place, later." Lauren almost smiled.


"I dunno. It'll be up to you."

She could see he was thinking. Perhaps. If there was a brain in there that wasn't half fried.

"When do you get off?"


He nodded.

"See ya, then." She watched him leave. Lauren shook her head, was she really up for this?


Cait said...

Oh Lauren, what are you getting in to?

ellie said...

This worries me about Lauren. Fletch?

Justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! Sorry I haven't read your writtings for a long time now. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Keep on writing I just hope you would publish them someday