Thursday, February 26, 2009

cold and colder

Ian was afraid of this. Sasha was going to avoid him like the plague with Frannie around.

"I just don't get it," Ian hung out in Maxie's kitchen who was still trying to figure out how to make lasagna.

"Get what?" Maxie squinted, juggling the noodles on the casserole.

"Sash," Ian said. "Do you think she's ashamed of me?"

"You were with her sister, you know, perhaps she doesn't want Lauren to know." Maxie said who made a face when the noodle ripped on his finger. "Bugger!" He muttered.

"No, she's avoiding me around Frannie, too. She keeps ignoring me."

"Women are rather fickle." Maxie just looked at the mess. He dumped the noodles and started to boil a fresh batch of water.

"You still Katy's girlfriend?" Ian asked.

"I guess not." Maxie shrugged.

"What does that mean?" Ian looked at Maxie then.

"None of your business," Maxie sighed. "She ravished me."

"I bet she did." Ian almost laughed as if that must have been a sight. "And you're here to tell me the whole story."

"No, I'm not. That's between her and me. So shut it." He looked at him as if he best not breathe another word of it.

"That's so cold, mate." Ian winced. "What might be colder is to wonder just what Lauren is doing to Fletch."

"Fletch," Maxie said. "What do you suspect Lauren will get out of this? That is if she whips him into shape."


ellie said...

I liked how Ian asked Maxie if he was was Katy's girlfriend..hahahahaha...& that line of her ravishing him, too.

Cait said...

Oh..Ian. Maxie too. There girl troubles, heheeee..about Katy.

tc fan fic said...

Sasha can't do this with Ian. He's so there for her.

taffy. said...

boys, boys, boys.

cady x said...

This was so fun.

Summer said...

What's next huh?!
I like your post,,more..more,,,more..
Keep on writing.
Have a nice day friend..=)