Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a bit cheeky

Lauren woke up with her stomach growling that morning. She was late. Obviously, she would drag through the morning at school as she thought about last night and her little run in with Colin.

"A bit cheeky?" He'd said.

She didn't think so, she just needed to get Anita out of the establishment before she got sick again.

"Do you mind?" He was in the way. Not letting her by. Swaying that way and this as if they might dance instead.

"Oh, you are. You're giving me cheek?" He smiled acting as if he should be on the street in a little gang of some sort.

"What if I am?" Lauren knew she could knock his socks off in one punch.

"Please, Laurie, no. We have to go!" Anita pulled her back.

Lauren scowled then, giving him a stomp on the foot and kneeing him right where he hadn't expected it. Not in the crouch but behind his knee. It was a slight satisfaction. She even felt it now as she walked the halls, books in hand.

Of course, she figured him so doped up he couldn't feel a thing. Remember, either. But as it was the harsh reality came flooding back to her. Laleh was with him. She was like some other person now, thanks to him.

Lauren could hardly keep it together, but Anita was there, and she gave her the notes to look over for the history quiz they were expecting.

Somehow she'd get through this. She hated these weak moment though. It hurt the worst that Lauren might never know where Laleh would be again. She certainly wasn't at school.


Cate said...

OMG, having read last chapter, Laleh seems to really be getting out of control. And where is she, if she isn't with Colin??

Cait said...

I really wish she'd punched him.

ellie said...

He's something. Colin is a pest and then some.

taffy. said...

poor lauren.
colin is a little dick.