Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the beastie

Could this get anymore difficult? Lauren got off the cell with Maxie. Definitely out of the picture. Now. He was no help when it came to Fletch.

"I can't afford a bloke wasted like that, here. We are trying our best to have a descent reputation. And it won't do to take in Fletch's kind." Maxie made it sound far worst than it was. After all, Fletch was in the bathtub at the moment wasting away in the hot water that was turning cold.

"He's not an animal!" Lauren bit back.

"What are you trying to do?" She got the same question from Ian when she called him.

"Can't you just just take him, I would be there every step of the way. He needs this rot out of his system." Lauren informed him.

"He'll be a beast, you know." Ian sounded worried. "I-I can't bring him home. Mum, would flip. She's done her best with Wayne who's vegetated quite nicely, as of late. She doesn't need another."

"I can't stay here with him," Lauren said. "But I have to do something. I have to."

"All right," Ian sighed. "I know a place. Remember the factory? There is electric there, a descent room with a bed even. But, you sure, you really want to go this alone with him? Have you lost the plot?"

"Just come, will you!" She'd dunked Fletch under plenty, already in the bath. "Something has to be done." He was getting the shakes. Lauren couldn't be sure if he was coming down already or just cold.


Cate said...

Damn, Fletch is a mess. Lauren is pretty good to want to sort him out.

ellie said...

wooo...I kind of hope she won't get too involved.

cady x said...

This part made me think of MCR's "Disenchanted" for some reason . . . I love that song.

Good stuff. Keep going.

blue hearts said...


taffy. said...

i hope fletch ends up alright...