Thursday, February 12, 2009

another try

Lauren really wasn't sure she wanted another cheering up from Anita.

"Come on, it'll be different this time, It'll be just us. No Theresa." Anita met up with her at the library after school. "We'll watch DVDs."

"And what of the parentals?" Lauren wondered. She felt sure her father would be down a The Dog drinking his troubles away. "Its a romantic holiday, are they not going to be do anything special?"

"Do they ever?"

"Then I must'n. They probably want you all to themselves." Lauren was busy getting to some books to shelve as Anita walked with her.

"We must think of something," Anita shrugged.

"Oh, yes, lets see we can have some fun in the bushes, why don't we?" Lauren made a face then, knowing she'd crushed Anita's plan.

"Please, it'll be different from before. We'll stay in. It'll be us. Promise." Anita looked sad.

"And what will be missing out on if we aren't off with Theresa?" Lauren thought Anita might prefer to be with her.

"She's a total cow, isn't she?" Anita told Lauren. "She's not a real friend. Not like you. Any bloke fancies her and she's off with them for the rest of the night til she tires of them. Why would I be wishing a time like that?"

"Well, maybe she's frustrated that I've come along now. And she probably wishes she had you all to herself." Lauren mentioned.

"She's never wished that. Never." Anita winced. She started to help Lauren then with the books. Soon the cart was empty.

"See, I can help. You can come home with me. It'll be great." Anita smiled.

Lauren supposed her only alternative was to keep calling Laleh's cell just to here her voice to leave a message.


Cait said...

I'm glad anita wants to be her friend. Lauren needs a good friend.

taffy. said...

i agree with cait.