Monday, January 5, 2009

until the other shoe drops

Maxie was already at the hospital waiting for Ste to get some test done, perhaps on his brain. Really, he was a bit fuzzy on Ste's progress. Looked as if he'd be home in a few days. Of course, Ste was being real quiet. Maxie wasn't all that sure if Ste was really all there like they said. There was just something odd about the bloke. He wasn't his angst self. Instead he looked a bit like a puppy just willing to be trained.

Maxie kept staring through the open blinds of the big window where Ste was still in bed. It was going to be hell. He just knew. Here his sister was thinking he would take care of him. It was beginning to leave a bad taste in his mouth of things to come. Always having to do something for Laleh, and what did he get in return?

"Coffee?" That woke Maxie back to reality. There Ian was standing in the corridor holding two cups of coffee from Jax Express, around the corner. It was the pick me up kind. Just what Maxie needed he supposed.

He took the cup, hoping it better have cream and sugar. It did. He could make a meal off of it.

"Where did you sleep last night, luv?"

"Would you stop saying crap like this?" Ian tensed. "None of your business."

"Come on mate, you can tell me, I'm dying to know." Maxie stared at his best friend who was the best to sleep with. It wasn't often he could sleep the night through, and he'd missed a good nights rest last night because he didn't have Ian with him.

"You don't want to know," Ian fumed a bit.

"But I do," Maxie grinned. "Come on? Did you get lucky?"

"Possibly," Ian almost smiled as Maxie gave him a stare down.

"Yes, it was great. All right? Are you satisfied?" Ian's eyes kept staring back at Maxie's who would not blink.

"Not completely, was it human or an animal?" Maxie drank at his coffee then.

Ian gave him a full smile. He almost laughed. "Sash, OK."

"Sasha?" Now Maxie was smiling. "You little devious devil, you!" Maxie gave him a slap on the shoulder then. "How did this happen? I thought you went to Simon and Josh's party?"

"I did." Ian nodded. "Lauren and I played. A little rusty, but who in the hell cared. They were three shades to the wind by the time we got started. Possibly not brilliant, but yeah, it was good."

"Was she there?"

Ian shook his head. "Out on the street. She was, I don't know, sad."

"You didn't? You took advantage of that?" Maxie gave him a scowl.

"No." Ian shook his head. "She just hugged me so hard. I didn't know what to do. It just happened, all right. I don't know. Maybe it was out with the old & in with the new."

"You sly dog, you." There he went back to giving Ian a slug in the arm.

"I'd rather you didn't say anything." Ian kept a straight face. "She might never speak to me again."

"You have to keep her begging for more." Maxie grinned.

"Shut it." Ian scolded. "I just left early this morning. I thought it best. She was in a good sleep, and I didn't want to wake her. I just thought it best to leave last night alone."

"Did you now? Why would you do a shitty thing like that, mate? I lass needs to be cuddled and kissed." Maxie told him.

"Well, maybe that's not what she was after." He kept a cold stare.

"It has to be." Maxie smirked.

"I don't even know if she wants me." Ian finished his coffee then.

"Well, get all desperate and serious now, why don't you," Maxie peered at him then. "If she bedded you, something must be right, right?"

Ian almost smiled.

The nurse asked for Maxie then.

"Well, here goes nothing." He shrugged and left Ian to his own devices.


cady said...

Ian seems to be more self-aware or something. I like him.

Thanks for the comment.

fan fic said...

Maxie..such a tease. I do wonder what will happen once Ste comes around.

Ian is always so Ian.

cats n curses said...

Sasha and Ian..I'm surprised.

anthony luvs johanna said...

Maxie and Ian. Ian and Sasha...maybe even Ste & Maxie..such interesting combos.

gossip guy said...

woooo..what a shocker!