Thursday, January 29, 2009

to the rescue

"Tell me," Anita pulled Theresa into her room. "What did you do? How did you come by this? This mega bottle of booze." Anita took it from her.

"Its a secret," Theresa grinned putting her fore finger over her mouth. "I promised I wouldn't tell."

"Oh, no, you didn't." Anita scrunched a face then. "Tell me, you didn't steal it!"

"NO!" Now Theresa was a bit hostile. Lauren really couldn't tell if she were drunk or just being Theresa. She was in a huff now as she plopped herself on Anita's wobbly bed. "Friendly persuasion, of course." She gave a bit of a prissy shrug. "Rhys Ashworth, naturally."

"Rhys?" Lauren groaned then. "That man slut! How could you?"

"He's been rather down as of late, ever since your sister dumped him." She was evidently on his side. "He was so nice. All it was was a squeeze and a tug, after all."

Lauren and Anita both gave Theresa a cringe. "Go wash your hands!" They both said in unison. Lauren looked at Anita and Anita gave her a shrug back.

"She is rather pathetic you know, the links she goes to for a party," Lauren winced.

"Yeah, I know, I'd never do it. Even if it were Rhys Ashworth."

"I hope your standards are never that low." Lauren's eyes lit.

Finally Theresa came back from the loo all washed up.

"Well, shall we?" She was all smiles.

"Are you sure he didn't give you two and you finished one up on your way here?" Lauren looked Theresa over. She was far more boy crazy than she even knew, and Lauren wasn't sure just who was taking advantage of it the most. Was it herself or her so-called victims?


Laroux said...

Hollyoaks fan blog? Wow - intense, Hollyoaks is like ... my afternoon treat! Love that show


Cait said...

I like Anita and Lauren together. hhehehehee...

Cate said...

Ow, Theresa is really a crazy chick. The things she does just for a bottle of WINE?

ellie said...

this might mean trouble with Theresa around.

fan fic said...

She definitely sounds like trouble.