Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tick tick tick

Colin showed up barely 15 minutes after Laleh made the call. He had quite a supply with him.

"Anything you fancy in particular," He suggested the poppers himself. "They blend in rather well with whats on hand to drink." He remembered she wasn't into needles much.

So while she wrapped herself up in a thirsty robe, he brought her some cherry vodka and soda along with the blue pills.

"Cheerio!" He grinned watching her take them.

"My its been such a long time, hasn't it?" He smirked as his fore finger found the edge of her robe at the neck. He slid his finger done to investigate the crevice of her neck line that plunged into a softness. "But I knew you'd be back." She looked down then at his finger but he caught her chin then, and he Frenched her as if it were just yesterday that they did these sort of things.

"Now come and tell me everything." He caught her off balance before she had a chance to be woozy. Before Laleh could be her forceful edgy self, there she was in his lap on the loveseat in her room that looked back at her lonesome bed.

"Tell you about what?" She was a tad puzzled, but she looked into his dazzling snake like eyes of his and was lost in them as he stroked her hair. Before she knew it, her robe had come undone and he was cupping her breast and taking a kiss from it.

"You've missed me, I know you have." He seemed rather pleasant though, waiting for the drug to sink in.. He took a sip of the red vodka drink then. The next think she knew she tasted the drink on his tongue.

Colin had a way of making everything so warm, yet dark. He told her it was a gift, but he still needed the cash.

"You will pay me, won't you?" He gazed into her eyes once more.

"Of course," Laleh winced. She knew she had to find the money before the pills really kicked in. The clock was ticking.


Cate said...

Woah, that's some hard stuff.

ellie said...

What is Laleh thinking?

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