Friday, January 30, 2009

there she was

There was a touch of spring in the air. Actually, a nice night to think of something wild to do. Well, Maxie would pass on that. He was in the good graces of Katy, after all. And although, Simon's little pep talk about Maxie's love life didn't really do much for him, he was content to be here this moment.

He understood where he stood with Katy. Just someone to listen too. And that was enough. He wasn't going to push it. Really, he'd been down on his luck and really was amazed he was almost back on his feet with a little help from the bitch herself, Laleh.

"I dunno whats going on with her, truly I don't," he said to Katy on their walk home from the Black Cat. His hands in his coat pockets. He didn't want to act interested. He supposed in Katy. Oh, couldn't she tell? Couldn't she?

"You have to tell her to stay away from Colin," she winced. "He can't ever come over again."

"Well, you must advise her because I get no where with the little punk princess," Maxie said, thinking he just as well be tight lipped. "So you know of Colin, then?"

"Who doesn't." Her eyes lit.

He wished he'd said nothing. Maxie gave her a slight nudge, and she looped her arm around his. He hadn't expected. It was a nice surprise. Maxie couldn't help but smile.

"That was nice wasn't it, Billy singing at the Black Cat. Can't remember anyone ever singing there, actually."

"Not with all the fruit machines." She nodded.

"They must have turned them off." It was silent for sometime after that. They got back to Laleh's, and Maxie rushed back to check on Ste in his room as if he were a father looking out for his child. There he was fast asleep.

Maxie gave a sigh of relief. He stood there for awhile in the foyer, thankful Ste was in one piece. He'd hate for anything to go wrong while he was away. He was expecting a pay check from Ste's father, after all.

"Well, come on," Katy awoke him from his thoughts. "You are coming to bed, aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah." Maxie looked at her a little puzzled. What did she mean?

She took his hand which, in fact, it made him happy all over. It was like a jolt of excitement. He wasn't sure he could stay calm, but he did. He wasn't sure if he knew the sleeping arrangements, exactly, but he hoped to find out.


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sweet moment. i think he cares about ste too.