Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lauren was ready to go home. She couldn't take another step at the shops. "Haven't we been here already?" How long could this go on? Wouldn't Laleh's father catch on that she was sinking deep into his credit cards.

"Oh, I get it," Lauren finally looked at Laleh who had found another pair of super expensive ..thigh high boots to buy. "You want your dad to come home."

"What?" Laleh winced. "Of course not. I don't give a fuck what he thinks, OK!"

"Sure." Lauren followed her with all the bags of goodies she had to lug from one store to the next.

"I really should have brought Maxie, after all." Laleh was on a mission. More clothes for her wardrobe.

"You've got him practically in prison with Ste." Lauren stopped then as just stared at Laleh. "What is the matter with you?"

"Just sales, amazing sales. They'll never be quite this brilliant until Christmas." Laleh made her point, staring back at Lauren as if she didn't even speak Lauren's language.

"I heard how mean you were to Newt this morning." Lauren brought up her little tizzy with Newt and his Amy. "How could you? He's your friend?"

"If you say so." Laleh grimaced. "He had it coming. Anyone to get mixed up with that cow deserves a little a slap in the face to remind him what a loser he really is."

"Shut it, you can't go on saying shit you don't even mean," Lauren scowled.

"Why not. Its all true. And I did mean it, I wouldn't have said it other wise. He'd all but walked into a trap when he got with her." Laleh bit back.

"Why, because she reminds you of you? That's really what this is about. She actually had sex with Newt. And you didn't." Lauren unraveled the mystery then.

"NO!" She cleared her throat and scrunched her face into a small frown. "Can we move on to the next shop. Please!" She marched on as if she had a score to settle instead of a coat to buy.

"I give up." Lauren's face swelled in a frown. "And walked the other way. " She was taking this stuff home. She knew it would fit.


ellie said...

Lauren has to set her straight on a few go girl.

Cait said...

Lauren will just have to fight back. She can handle it.