Sunday, January 25, 2009 Katy's room

Maxie wasn't sure where this was going. He did find a room suitable for Katy at Laleh's. It was just down the hall from the kitchen where the servants used to live. Actually, no one had been in it in ages. The least he could do was put clean sheets on the bed.

"Really, its quite thoughtful of you, but you aren't just going to leave me, now are you?"

Maxie wasn't sure he heard her correctly. She wanted him. To stay. He looked about the room.

"Don't you want a good nights rest?" He'd searched rooms for a full bed. Not a half one.

"I couldn't sleep alone with Colin about. What if he-he comes in?" She looked at him wide eyed as if she were afraid for her life.

"There's a lock on the door, you know." Maxie shrugged.

"Please," she begged him now putting both hands on his arm.

"All right, if I must. You won't make me sleep in my shoes, will you?" He looked at her puzzled. Life had never been better. He had Katy Fox all to himself. And she wanted him. He so wanted to text this to Simon.

"I just want some sleep," she said.

"I know," he shrugged."So do I." He sat down on the bed then and took off his shoes.


Cate said...

Aw, cute.
I can quite understand why Katy is scared of Colin.
And oh, that literature Monika sent me were some things she'd written herself. It's really great.

ellie said...

It is a little odd that Katy is scared of Colin..but hey it worked for Maxie.