Wednesday, January 28, 2009

of joy and pain

Lauren went to Anita's after school to hang out. It wasn't like being at Laleh's. It would take some getting used too.

Anita was doing her best to go die-hard Gothic, lately.

"Just be you, OK." Lauren supposed she had to let Anita do her thing until she tired of it.

"Wouldn't it be like totally amazing if Newt came to school with a shaved head," Anita giggled, like the school girl Lauren knew, while they looked in the mirror in Anita's room and tried on dark shades of lipstick.

"That would never happen."

"I just know his head is gorgeous."

"Yeah, and he'd probably look all of six if he did so." Lauren rolled her eyes at that.

"So what about Ian?" Anita puckered her lips and played around.

"What about him?" Lauren shrugged.

"I hear he's seeing someone." She tried her evil stare out in the mirror but Anita laughed out loud instead.


"I dunno. Maybe we should find out." Anita gave her an exaggerated look that maybe it would something fun to do.

"NO." Lauren felt bitter at even the mention of his name. "I don't want to know."

About that time there was a knock at Anita's door. It was Theresa and she brought gifts.

"Where did you get that?" Lauren looked at her. It was a cheap bottle of red wine. "That will go straight to your head."

"Not if I share." Theresa smiled brightly with a little wiggle. "Well, you said you needed cheering up."

Lauren just frowned. Things would be just fine if Theresa hadn't shown up.


dkdc said...

There always has to be someone who thinks they are doing the best thing to cheer someone up.

fan fic said...

Sounds like the party is about to start.

ellie said...

Theresa does sound like the life of the party. That was funny about Newt shaving his head..too.

Psyconym said...

Good stuff, how's you??