Wednesday, January 7, 2009

moving on

Laleh thought it was too soon. They wanted to release Ste from the hospital, already.

"Are you really sure, he's ready?" He was practically an invalid to her or a walking zombie.

The nurses assured her he was well enough to be cared for at home. A visiting nurse would be around a couple times of week to check on him.

Laleh scowled at that. They'd cut back on housekeeping quite a bit, and there would be no one to actually take care of him. Laleh looked to Maxie then who was there in the hospital room with her and Ste who was resting comfortably in bed. It was getting a bit claustrophobic in here.

"He's all your's Maxie?" Laleh didn't want to have anything to do with bringing her brother back to reality.

"What?" Maxie scowled back. "Me? Seriously?"

"My father will pay you well," Laleh stared at him intently. "I'll make sure of it."

"But I do my share down at the Black Cat?" Maxie still looked a bit miffed.

"Not anymore, you're in charge of my brother." She gritted.

"It better be plenty of money, you know." He looked at the nurse then. "I took off a semester you see, nursing, that was my field."

Laleh knew he was a liar, but she didn't care. It was time to be done with it. Ste was actually coming home.

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