Friday, January 23, 2009

Laleh, Laleh, Laleh

Lauren was on her way back to Laleh's. Although, it was so late. She knew her Dad would be checking up on her soon. So he headed back to her flat. Hopefully, a phone call would be enough. Hopefully, Laleh would speak to her.

Only when she rang her, she got a male voice.

"Who is this?" She couldn't imagine it was Maxie because he was keeping his distance.

"Who is this?" He laughed back.

"I need to talk to Laleh," she said.

"Can't," he said.

"Why is that?" Lauren was peterbed now.

"She's quite occupied."

"What does that mean? Occupied?" She sneered.

"Yes, quite precisely."

In the next instance she got a dial tone. She was furious now. Bitter too. How could she? Lauren's first thought. It felt as if someone had slapped her in the face. She ran upstairs to her room then and threw herself on the bed with her arms crossed staring at the ceiling.

How could it have gone so wrong? Lauren wondered what she had done so wrong to Laleh. She could have blamed it all on Ste's accident, but that was just lame. Laleh was being Laleh wasn't she?

Lauren looked at her cell phone book. She'd call her school mate Anita.

"Are you awake?" Lauren said first thing.


"I need to talk to you." Lauren had to turn to someone.

"What is it? You hardly give me the time of day. Why should I? Its Laleh, Laleh, Laleh with you." Anita informed her.

"OK, I get it!"

"So? What is it?"

"I dunno." Lauren pressed her lips hard then said, "I think she hates me." Her voice cracked then and she started to cry.

"She's not worth it," Anita said. "Don't let her do this to you."

"Why is it like this?" Lauren sniffed.

"She's a cow. Thats why. A ruthless cow. Spiteful slapper too." Anita told her. "Good ridence I say!"

Lauren let it sink in. She didn't want to hear the truth.

"Don't you hate me, anyway?"

"No, silly, you just kept ignoring me like forever, you know." Anita admitted.

"I didn't mean too."

"I suppose I'll put that behind me since you were so in love with Laleh. I never believed it for a second, you know."


"Yes, I know you have feelings for her, but she goes through all sorts in a split second if she feels like it. You shouldn't have let her brain wash you so. You could be with Ian right now. He worshiped the ground you walked on."

"Its just, I never felt that way about him," Lauren wanted her to know the truth. "I don't want a boyfriend."

It was quiet then. Lauren thought for sure Anita would hang up.

"Its all right. Just keep your chin up, will you. We'll think of something. And I don't want you thinking about that Laleh anymore. She's not worth it. Really. I'll see you tomorrow at school, all right?"


"You just let Laleh make her own bed and stay in, don't go near her, promise?"


Lauren almost smiled then.


ellie said...

Anita sounds like a good friend. Cool.

Cate said...

About the chapter before this: Colin is damn good looking, but I think Maxie is much nicer!
I liked the title to this chapter ^^
I hope it won't be Laleh, Laleh, Laleh anymore with Lauren.
Anita is cool, I agree with Ellie.

Cait said...

Its time Lauren realises..there is more than just Laleh. Good update.

another.ellie said...

That Colin is just horrible...poor Lauren. At least there's Anita.