Saturday, January 24, 2009

finished business

When Laleh awoke she felt as if she'd been in the eye of a storm. Her room was a disseaster, And Colin was still her. Asleep though.

It gave her the shivers. She closed her robe up and then went to dilgently look through his pockets. Yes, he had her cash and her credit cards too. She swelled a frown then. She left him half as much as he'd taken of the cash and put the rest back in her wallet along with the credit cards.

This was not good. Totally, she'd lost it. She'd been on the wagon, so to speak, all this time, and one call to Colin had brought her crashing down. She felt so cold now and quite taken for a ride. She suspected.

But her eyes hurt and her head was thick with a hangover. How would she ever get him out of here now?

Laleh got on her bed then and nudged him with her toe. Naturally, he grabbed her foot and brought her right down.

"You need to leave," She looked at him wide eyed staring at him who had her foot now.

Colin just smiled.

"You know, you don't mean it luv."

"I do!" She snarled. "I never want to see you again! Never!"

"You are a fiesty one, " He grinned up at her giving her a mock roar of a tigeress. He stroked her leg then. "I know what you need,"

"What I need is for you to go!" she snapped.

"But I'm not finished," he looked at her then, longingly. She wondered if it had only started when he reached up and kissed her. His fingers definitely knew where to go.


Cait said...

that Colin is wicked.

ellie said...

Oh Laleh maybe in over her head.