Tuesday, January 27, 2009

back then

Maxie wondered if Katy really remembered him back then. If she did she would have probably gone running out of the place, he thought now as he rummage through the fridge to find something suitable for lunch. She was still asleep. And No Colin. Hopefully, Laleh was getting her rest now.

He talked to Ste about it. Of course, he didn't say one word. Not even a smile.

The little stray kitten that had found its way in was lapping up some milk on the counter. Maxie was tempted to put him in Ste's lap, but he'd hate for Ste to suddenly squeeze it to death. The horror stung him. He didn't want Ste anywhere near that cat.

He took a deep breath and wondered what would be enough for Katy. She was always so sure of herself, he remembered. What had happened? Wasn't she going to be a lawyer or something? He could just here her say, "Oh yeah, you, you thought you were the next Sid Vicious, didn't you?"

OK, so maybe he got a little carried away. It would have been cool, wouldn't it? He had the whole look down. Or at least he thought. He worked at it. He lived it. He was pretty much a prick then too. Taking as he pleased, trashing places who'd welcomed him. God, he was such a poor little rich boy back then. Perhaps he'd came a long way after-all, for all he knew.

He got out some butter then spread some on white bread and fried a slap of white cheese in between the slices. Some real shopping needed to be done around here. He hoped someone had the cash for it.


ellie said...

sid vicious...hahahahaaaa...I liked that.

Cait said...

Interesting to see the change in Maxie.

Demi said...

aww thank you very much honey! :)